Editors note on Swastikas: First Draft

by Emily Block

I was angry when I wrote the editor’s note this week. Here is the first draft, which has been QUITE toned down for publication.

Editor’s Note: Fucking stop it, assholes. Seriously.

by Angela Webber

Guess what guys? Remember that giant crossword puzzle? The one that was put up by students, for that student-run contest, and then lots of students spent their nights working on in the foyer of Templeton?

Well guess what? It’s gone now. And you know why? Because some asshole drew swastikas on it.



There has to be a better way for you fucking hipsters to get out your hilarious irony-humor. Can’t you go draw Kanye sunglasses on the Bon or something?

Swastikas are NOT FUNNY. And I do not know WHY YOU ARE DOING THIS.

If this really is a political statement, I don’t know what to say. You are apparently full of hate, okay, grow some balls and take credit for your own opinions. Don’t just put up your symbols on any ol’ place you want and run away. (and if you are a neo-nazi, this may help for the future: YOU DREW THE SWASTIKA BACKWARDS.)

The swastika is a powerful symbol: not a joke. Maybe you don’t care about the Holocaust. Maybe you don’t grasp what hate crimes are, and what hate speech does.

But I don’t think you’re serious, and no one does. For some reason, this is funny to someone. Perhaps you found the college’s reaction to the first swastika incidents exaggerated, or perhaps inadequate – or inappropriate in some other way. Well, whatever.

You ruined the giant crossword puzzle. For everyone. And I know a lot of people who don’t think that’s funny. And I don’t think the administration can understand what kind of commentary you are making.

(Interesting note: swastikas have been used as satire before, in a not un-controversial but at least marginally clever way. Ask wikipedia: “A book featuring ‘120 Funny Swastika Cartoons’ was published in 2008 by New York Cartoonist Sam Gross. The author said he created the cartoons in response to excessive news coverage given to swastika vandals, that his intent “…is to reduce the swastika to something humorous.”)

And you’re making our College look shitty. And not the administration. US. The students.

I’m tired of this, but I’m not going to just let it happen and close my eyes.

Listen: this is stupid. We don’t think you’re funny. And we want you to stop.


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