Letters to the Editor 2/19/10

Casual offensive speech is far too common at LC

During the whole poster debacle the debate (if you could really call it that) over how to handle things got pretty heated. People condemned racism on all levels and anyone advocating anything short of hunting down the person responsible for the posters and causing them harm was labeled as a supporter of racism. It was a frustrating time and left a bitter taste in my mouth at least. After it was all over everyone was talking about how awful racism was and how they couldn’t believe how this had happened. The racism at our school doesn’t really stop with the posters though.

While attending Chinese culture night at the Bon it struck me how often our student body is guilty of casual racism. I saw people heckling the stage and maliciously laughing at some of the performances. Also heard was the edgy comment that, “They should have just called everything Asian food. It’s all just rice anyways.” I understand we all have a right to freedom of speech but it was really frustrating to hear people putting performances down for being foreign and therefore an object of ridicule. It always takes more effort to create than it does to destroy, and part of me still wishes I’d opened my mouth to say something. On the one hand I see students speaking out against racism at our school, but on the other I see some perpetuating it. Is racism against one ethnic group okay and the other not? Is it because your racism is ironic? Because it’s said casually does it not cut as deep?

Aaron Upsal

College of Arts and Sciences

Class of 2010

Quote in evacuation article may be misleading

In the February 12 edition of the PioLog I was quoted as saying, “I have no idea where I am supposed to be right now. If this were a real earthquake I would be dead right now.” I will not dispute this quote but I think that it can be easily misinterpreted. In all reality I knew that I was supposed to go to the parking lot behind Fir Acres Theater. Due to weeks of prior notice and a discussion in class earlier in the week, that information was provided to me. I think the preparation and planning for this event was done very well. I actually received two phone calls, two text messages and a bunch of emails to let me know exactly what was happening.

That comment was more made in the spirit that had this occurred in real life and I were not in Howard Hall I would not know where to go in the event of an emergency. Maybe it is my responsibility to read the emergency handbook in each classroom and figure out where the evacuation area is for each building, but I haven’t and I find it unlikely that most students have. The comment was also made because I was expecting to see more orange vests waving people to where they were supposed to go and I didn’t see any until I actually arrived in the Fir Acres parking lot. Overall I think that the drill and drill preparation were well put together, but I just don’t know how well this theoretical approach would transfer to a real emergency situation. Also reading the quote in the PioLog I was concerned that it made light of the fact that actual injury and death can occur in real earthquake situations, especially due to the close proximity of the tragedy in Haiti. So if that offended anyone that statement in no way meant to make light of the situation

Eli Fabens

College of Arts and Sciences

Class of 2011


One response to “Letters to the Editor 2/19/10

  1. Eli: hilarious.

    Aaron: was it all rice at the Bon on the evening you mentioned? Sounds terrible.

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